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SERVPRO at the Eclipse 2017

SERVPRO at the Eclipse 2017

Members of our team joined last Monday August 21st the Fifth Consolidated Elementary School activities around the 2017 Total Eclipse, in Dyersburg. The school made sure every student, parent or volunteer had a pair of glasses to watch this extraordinary natural event according with safety standards.

We were at only 30 minutes from the path. The peak of the eclipse was expected by 1:23pm. Nevertheless, by 1:18pm, a transformation occurred. We started perceiving a light similar to the one we get when a storm is approaching. At that time, we could hear the kids exclamations of surprise and amazement.

USA Today Network reported that the moon covered 97.1% of the sun. However, 2,99% of the sun is a lot of brightness, taking into account the power of this magnificent star at the center of the Solar System. That’s is why, we didn’t experience total darkness. Some residents told us that they heard crickets confused thinking it was dusk.

The moon started to be in the sun path at 11:53am and continue for 2 hours and 56 minutes. We are glad we shared this lifetime event with our new generations. This is for sure an experience they will never forget!